The COVID Rorschach Test and the Split in Thinking That Divides America

It’s been almost a month since my last post, nothing has changed, so this point warrants repeating — this time from Warren Meyer over at Coyote Blog:

“For those of us in the Sweden tribe, we come to exactly the opposite conclusion from the same evidence: that lockdowns only pointlessly drag out the pandemic and artificially increase its costs, since no matter how long we hide, the disease is still there to infect us when we come out.”

See also, in a similar vein, The long-term pain of the mental health pandemic. As I said last time, “now that we know COVID-19 just isn’t a big deal, we need to swing to the other extreme. Our cure has been far worse than the disease, and the longer we pretend otherwise, the worse our situation becomes. COVID-19 just isn’t a big deal; it’s high time we got back to normal.”