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A True Budget iPhone

To paraphrase Benedict Evans in episode twelve of Cubed, around 12:20, Samsung has the talent, resources, and funds to mass produce any type of hardware, and so they substitute taste and design sense with covering all possible bases in order to determine successful product lines. Apple only recently accrued the former, so up until a few years ago they operated solely on taste and design sense. Now that they have the scale to adopt a similar strategy as Samsung though, they see no point in implementing a lesser process having already perfected the greater one Samsung developed a methodology to emulate. This is the fundamental difference between the ways Samsung and Apple build products: one carefully selects its targets, while the other uses a blunderbuss to obliterate the target, its stand, and anything within a close range. Ultimately both accomplish the requisite goal, only one does so more elegantly and with much fewer casualties.


I absolutely love podcasts. Much to my girlfriend’s confusion, I might add. After Marco Arment sold Instapaper in April, after Yahoo! bought Tumblr.1 in May, and after he sold The Magazine shortly thereafter, only in my wildest dreams did I hope his elusive next venture would lead Marco to create a podcast client. Then, last Sunday at XOXO, my dream came true.

Perhaps that’s putting it slightly melodramatically, but to say that I — and the collective internet as well — am extremely excited for Overcast would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. I can’t wait for Overcast to come out; I plan on purchasing it on day one, as I’m sure many others will as well. Despite Marco’s modest expectations for Overcast, I would be surprised if it didn’t take the podcast client market by storm: the same design sensibilities that made Instapaper and The Magazine so popular — one need only look to the announcement Marco posted for an idea as to those proven ideals — will almost undoubtedly make Overcast similarly popular and, hopefully, a smashing success.

Good luck to you, Marco; we await Overcast’s release in eager anticipation.

 I can’t help but think of Ben Brooks’ article Yahoo! + Tumblr. = !! on the topic every time I think about this acquisition.

Vlcnr 1.0 Released

Taking a quick break from my next article I will hopefully publish late tonight, John Voorhees worked with Myke Hurley and Matt Alexander of Bionic to create Vlcnr 1.0. Featuring the show’s hallmark suspense accents one through eight and an easter egg that plays random clips from the show, I downloaded the app sight on seen. Not to steal Matt’s idea, but I have to say: I have been testing this app for quite some time now, it’s really great. Those of you unfamiliar with Bionic will likely think it ridiculous; for everyone else, might as well pack up and leave: 2014 has peaked.