The Jeans Strategy

I really, really like this. To put it in the context of writing, how about taking your best day — whether you measure that by number of articles posted or page views gained — and make that your goal every single day? It would be hard, and many would say impractical, but maintaining the same waistline for fifteen years is hard too. In both cases, though, they are worthwhile pursuits.

People Still Don't Know what I do

Virtually every time Dan Benjamin is interviewed, the host eventually asks the same question posed by numerous interviewers of days gone by: “When people ask what you do, what do you tell them?” And every time, Dan answers the same way, saying that his answer depends on the person asking. For some, Dan responds that he is in broadcasting and leaves it at that; in other cases he goes in to more detail, qualifying that statement by describing his podcast network. He chooses his answer based on the level to which that person would understand his explanation, because as Dan has said each time in response to the aforementioned question, there are some people that still don’t know what podcasts are.

Useless Correlations

Every time I hear someone predicting the future of a company — more often than not Apple — I can’t help but think of a passage I came across a while back, probably in Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. The passage read something like this: