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Custom Difficulty Gives an Honest Challenge

“Instead of hurling myself at an insurmountable goal simply because it was named respectably, I came in with a personal best by asking more from my strengths and forgiving my weaknesses.”

It’s an article ostensibly about video games, though it may have just as well been about overcoming barriers by setting aside the often malformed and unrealistic expectations we often place upon both ourselves and our work.

Looking to iOS 8

Late last month, Federico Viticci wrote a great article about his iOS 8 wishes. I agreed with some of his suggestions, disagreed with the necessity a few, and consider still others a bit too niche for Apple to have focused much time and energy, if any, on over the last twelve months. By the end of his piece, I had decided to write out my own list in preparation for WWDC, as we all begin to turn our attention towards the impending unveiling of iOS 8 alongside the possibility of wearable devices and CarPlay demos in a Ferrari. Unlike Federico, I have no spectacular introduction to kick us off; in lieu of that, then, I suppose we ought to just get straight to the point.

Bring it in, Betaworks

Two days ago Betaworks — creator of the popular iOS game Dots, the company behind Digg’s rise back to fame, and proud owner of Instapaper — opened Digg Reader to the public after greatly accelerating its development following the announcement of Google Reader’s impending demise. Especially for a product upon which work was not schedule to begin until the end of this year, Digg Reader is a very impressive entrant into the RSS reader market.