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Cabin Porn Roundup

This Week in Podcasts may have ended, but I have no intention of ending my monthly Cabin Porn Roundups. For October, then, check out these neat little structures from across the world.

BuzzFeed, Meet The Oatmeal

Last night just before I went to bed I was scrolling through my Twitter stream — as you do — when I came across Jim Dalrymple’s post titled after a line from Mathew Inman’s article Dear Jack Stuef, “You bitter, uninspired, bottom-feeding ass”. All the more curious once I discovered Jim’s link was to an article written by one of my favorite webcomic authors, I spent the next half hour reading in varying degrees of disbelief and disappointment — disbelief that the issue managed to escalate this far, and disappointment that Mathew Inman received enough flak to take time out of his life and away from creating his excellent webcomic to respond.