How to Wite an Opening Sentence

Kas Thomas on how to write an opening sentence, drawing on his extensive writing career as well as a number of books on the subject. I particularly liked how he pointed out the openers prominent writers use over and over again. Definitely something to keep in mind when writing.

“These aren’t all the possible ways to start a piece, but if you’re completely stuck, one of them should work. If not? Surprise the world with something outlandishly original. Don’t be like most people. Don’t just start with ‘If you’re like most people . . .’”

plausibly deniable encryption

A fascinating read, especially as someone who investigates and architects secure systems for a living. See also, encrypting secrets in memory.

A Few More Thoughts on Soylent

After publishing my last article, Soylent, and as I made a late-night snack of a pear, I couldn’t help but continue thinking about Soylent. Rather than tacking these additional thoughts on to the bottom of the previous post with the sad excuse for poor journalistic planning that is the “UPDATE:” header though, I decided to shape them into an entirely separate post, a new post with a few more of my thoughts on Soylent.