A Brief Editorial Note

Tomorrow morning at three o’clock, I will wake up three hours earlier than normal; within sixty minutes of getting out of bed, I will be on my way to the Pittsburgh International Airport; five hours after awakening — if all goes well, and weather permitting — my plane will take off bound for the Bahamian island of San Salvador where I will reside for a week as part of a geology class I enrolled in at the beginning of this semester. After several weeks of in-class study, this trip will allow my class and I to gain valuable field experience — hence the class title, “Field Investigative Geology”. Because I will go San Salvador with the express purpose of gaining field experience, due to the research center’s isolated and somewhat dated nature, and as a result of the island’s location far outside of America’s borders, I will have no way of accessing the internet from Wednesday morning until the following Friday. As a courtesy to all my readers, then, rather than simply going off-grid for an entire week without notice, I just wanted to take a moment and give you a heads-up.

Over the past few days I have made a point of posting frequently in an effort at working my way through the queue of articles I stored in Instapaper; a few minutes ago, when I posted Cabin Porn, the book, I finally emptied it so as to start with a clean slate when I get home. Shortly after returning, as I begin working my way through the inevitable backlog of news stories and articles published in my absence, I will resume my normal posting schedule. Until then though, I will enjoy the sun, the beach, and the warm air. See you next week.