A Few Good Videos

Yesterday morning I came across a video made by Duncan Elms called “Bitcoin Explained”. Curious, I decided to check it out. Rather than the information contined within it, it was instead the actual video that greatly impressed me. Not only informative but also extremely well done, Duncan Elms’ videos are all very impressive.

The first time I watched Bitcoin Explained, I watched it on my phone as I browsed through my news feeds over lunch. When I started looking for the video on my computer, I came across two more outstanding videos. The first, Shutter Island, is a short film chronicling Raphael Nussbaum and Iwan Bigler’s fifteen-day trip exploring Switzerland and Iceland. They took some amazing photographs and videos, and put them together into a beautiful video. In a similar vein to Shutter Island, the second video I came across, Teton Gravity Research’s Aerial Reel, also featured surreal videos capturing the beauty of The Bay Area in San Francisco, California.