Adventuremobile Wisdom You'll Probably Ignore

Wes Siler has some advice for those looking to buy an adventure vehicle. I agree with almost everything he says, even if most of it just applies to those who already have one: get good tires, have a tire repair kit and recovery gear, get advanced driver training, pack less, don’t try to force an inadequate car into the role of a much more capable one, and understand the difference between AWD and 4WD — but the rest, not so much. He also suggests leasing instead of buying (say goodbye to things like bumpers and roof racks, and don’t get too adventurous), defaulting to a truck (too large and heavy unless you choose a mid-size pickup, at which point you might as well get an SUV like a 4Runner), and avoiding a Tacoma — one of the most capable off-road trucks in North America — at all costs. Take the good from this piece and ignore the bad. I plan to post a guide of my own soon.