Amazon's PR genius

“All of this leads to the question; is there any company more successful at controlling the public narrative than Amazon? Nothing it cares about ever leaks. Almost all of the press coverage, even the negative stories, runs to a script that Bezos could have written — ‘We do amazing things to get low prices to customers’ and ‘it’s incredibly hard to compete with us’. Of course, both of those things may well be true.”

Everyone loves to praise Apple as the most interesting company in existence, building the greatest products available, showcased with the best marketing in the business. Conversely, everyone loves to hate Amazon: they never do anything interesting and consistently “fail” to turn a profit; their products consistently fall far short of even the most reasonable expectations; and the company operates essentially as a black box. I find it incredibly interesting, then, when a writer goes to bat for Amazon. The companies are not all that different, after all.