An Update on Soylent

Back in 2013, I posted a bunch of articles about Soylent. I liked the idea then, and I like it now, and so I wanted to take a minute to give you an update after I gave it a try.

I bought a container of the powdered Soylent on Amazon. At $34 for twelve 400 calorie servings, that came out to about $3 per “meal”. So although I liked the taste, it did sit at the pricier end of the spectrum; yesterday I ate four eggs and an English muffin at dinner for all of $0.70. I had also just started powerlifting when I bought it, and the amount of food I ate every day made it an even less viable option. On a diet of well over 2,000 calories, Soylent became less of a meal and more of a snack or side dish.

Again, I liked the idea back then, and I still like it now — but when it came down to ordering a new bottle, I could not justify the cost. If you can get by on a much smaller diet, or don’t have time to meal prep, maybe this will work for you; I cannot, though, and I meal prep every week, so Soylent did not work for me.