Before, Now, and in the Future

I want to take a moment to speak to my old readers. Maybe you forgot to remove my feed, never got around to unfollowing me on Twitter, or just stayed close and hoped that I would one day write again; regardless, I’m glad you did. What this site once was, however, somewhere for me to talk about the writer’s craft, Apple, and technology, it is no longer.

I never enjoyed limiting myself to these three topics, and so towards the end this became a free-for-all. I made a desperate attempt to save this site in the eleventh hour, and I failed. In the future, though, this site will much more closely resemble my blog towards the end of its life. The term “lifestyle blog” keeps bouncing around in my head, and I like it. I will spend some time transitioning now — talking about where I came from, what went wrong, why I came back, and where I plan to go from here — but having done that, I want to spend some time on some new areas. Now for everyone:

One of the primary topics I want to write about is adventuring: the vehicles you use to get the gear you pack to the places you want to go. Over the last year in particular, this has consumed my life in some interesting ways. I have found some great websites run by some fascinating people over the last few months, but I still feel like I have something to contribute. Plus, I have a couple of projects in the works that I think anyone in this space will find very interesting. More on those to come.

I still have a great deal of passion for writing, so I still plan to wax-poetic about it from time to time. I have added weightlifting to that list, though, and so you can expect to hear about that as well. I started in the fall of 2017 and show no signs of stopping. I don’t claim to know the science behind much of what I do, nor do I care to know it, but I have seen some impressive results. I look forward to sharing my approach not because I think it is right for everyone, but because I believe it is for some, and advice like mine is almost nonexistent in the fitness space these days. I believe I have something to contribute here as well.

Although I still have some interest in technology, and for the foreseeable future I will have a career in that space, I do not plan to spend much time on it anymore. Perhaps as it relates to some of the subjects above, but as for an area of interest all its own, do not expect much. One area where my professional life may bleed over into these writings, however, is when it comes to leadership. While I do not believe I have anything groundbreaking to share on this topic, I do believe some may find value in learning about my particular blend of philosophies. If nothing else, the process of quantifying — in no uncertain terms — my thoughts on this amorphous subject will certainly help me as a junior leader in one of the world’s largest organizations. I hope it helps others as well.

I believe in setting clear expectations. Although by no means an exhaustive list on either side, either on what I will cover or what I will avoid, even broad strokes such as these will help you know what you can expect from me, and will help focus my thoughts and actions from here on out. And now, it’s time to get to work.