Britain's food supply system doesn't work

Jay Rayner, writing for The Guardian:

“I ask where he thinks this dysfunctional system [the fragile global food distribution system] has come from. ‘There is a culture of British exceptionalism. We were the first industrial nation in the 18th century and then became the dominant imperial power in the 19th century and pursued that as a way of feeding ourselves.’ Critics often point out that we were less self-sufficient in food in the early 20th century than we are now. True, Lang says, but that was specifically because we had an empire which we ravaged to keep our tables and bellies full.”

Add a century and replace “British” with “American”, and Tim Lang’s words apply just as well to the United States. Like Tim, I hold out hope that the nation will wake up and make a change; you would have to be a fool to bank on it, though. Exercise your individual liberty now to prepare for the all too likely crises ahead. Far too many are content just to whistle past the graveyard.