Bye Instacast

A few days ago Instacast’s created tweeted some mockups of the app’s next iteration. As a diehard Instacast fan, I was very excited to get a sneak peek at the next version of the popular podcasting app.

The mockups, however, did not impress me in the least: instead of a bold new design, they looked remarkably similar to the current interface. With buttons in the corners, list and single-episode views reminiscent of Instacast 3, and even a similar color scheme, I was extremely disappointed. Granted these were nothing more than “doodlings”, but with already counting down to iOS 7’s launch I have to wonder how different the final design will look as compared to this concept. And if that final design does not change significantly — in other words, if Instacast 4 designed with iOS 7 in mind looks this similar to Instacast 3 designed for iOS 6 — we might just say have to say goodbye to Instacast this fall.