Cubed Episode 17: What a Week in Tech!

Around minute 44:33 of Cube’s latest episode, Ben Bajarin theorized that Google’s motivation in selling Motorola to Lenovo while Samsung simultaneously agreed to scale back their customization of Android could have come about as a result of Samsung desiring access to a concrete feature road map which they could build to in the future. In my last article, Retroactively Planning, I talked about how Samsung’s backwards strategy in which rather than approaching future product creation with a long-held guiding philosophy they must now scramble to infer one from existing successful products is ultimately doomed to failure. Ben’s theory fits nicely into this picture as a move Samsung could be taking in an attempt at having greater control over their destiny. However, without an underlying theory guiding the decisions they say yes and no to throughout the creation process, I stand by my original idea: I feel this newfound knowledge will change little with regards to Samsung’s future.