Cycloramic and Disruption

It happened when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, and it happened again when he introduced the iPad: a new player entered a market stagnated by incumbents and surprised everyone by tossing the norm out the window and ushering in a new era through the door. On a much smaller scale this happened earlier last week when I stumbled across Cyloramic, a neat little iOS app for the iPhone 5 that uses vibration patterns to spin the phone in a full circle and take a panoramic shot of its surroundings.

Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about ways to solve this very problem. Many have tried in the past with various mounts and stands, and those were the kinds of solutions I was considering: something based off of existing technologies. Then, just as Apple did with the mobile computing market twice already, Egos Ventures entered the fray and said, “Hold up, this is how it’s done.”