Is "Fake It 'Til You Make It" The Reason We're So Screwed?

The “fake it ’till you make it” mentality and impostor syndrome are closely linked, in that the former is often cited as a solution to the latter. Especially in the creative professions, where impostor syndrome seems nearly as common as clicky keyboards, many advocate overriding that feeling of inadequacy with a philosophy that accepts it as a given and pushes you past it: you may feel like an impostor — a fake — but that’s okay, because you can fake it until you actually meet your expectations in a particular area — in other words, until you make it. If an article on that mentality’s adverse effects does not interest you though — and really, if you fall prey or subscribe to either frame of mind, it should — come for Sam’s look into the “dark”, less morally-sound side of making money on the internet. The same group that often suffers from impostor syndrome simultaneously prize making money ethically through relationships with those they create for. Not everyone on the internet has this same value system though, so coming from the former I found it interesting to read about the perspective of the latter.