Fuck You Money

For better or worse — better in my opinion, but clearly worse if you looked at my bank statement — money has always been nothing more than the means to an end for me, and not a goal in and of itself. I want to have a good job where I can work hard and receive appropriate compensation after a job well done, but outside of a safety net should said job fall through, a costly, once in a lifetime opportunity arise, or an unexpected bill arrive in the mail, I have no interest in padding my checking and savings accounts. I never want to be the one that tells my girlfriend we can’t have a nice dinner and go to a movie because it’s too expensive, especially when I have a $50 bill in my pocket. I will admit that this is by no means a great approach to managing my finances, and in the long run very likely an unsustainable one, but I will regret missing that nice evening much more than I will ever regret spending a portion of that $50; I want to spend my evenings holding my girlfriend’s hand, not a wrinkled bill.