Glass Lodge

To once again reference Ben Brooks’s article Fatal Design Flaw of Workspaces, he described his ideal workspace towards the end of the article:

“I often dream of my ideal workspace:

* 10,000 square foot space of nothing.

* Four foot by ten foot desk in the center, made of wood.

* Herman Miller Embody chair.

* Concrete floors.

* No windows.

* Thirty foot ceiling.

* Spot light illuminating only my desk.

* Just the laptop on the desk.

* No cables in sight.”

As I read this description, I couldn’t help but think about how different my own ideal workspace would be from this one. Where he dreams of a large expanse of nothing, dark except for well-lit area around his immaculate desk, I idealize a small cabin like the glass lodge linked at the top of this post: a bright, cozy space, isolated somewhere away from civilization where I can be alone to work. I suppose in that regard, at least, we can agree.