How To Get Paid And Promoted Faster

Yes, the title is maybe a little too sensational for my liking; yes, “Financial Samurai” is a bit ostentatious. But you know what? Sam Dogen is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers for his terrific financial insight, and that more than makes up for any choice I may disagree with with regards to his approach to writing on the internet. Of all the sites I subscribe to and all the writers I follow, he is the only writer whose work I read regardless of topic — it’s just that good. What’s more, most of his work — in addition to providing helpful advice I have already gone on to implement as a step towards securing my financial future — can be translated and applied to the career I wish to some day have writing here. His latest article, linked above, is a great example of this valuable combination of practical advice for furthering you both in your career and your life as well, and thus something I strongly recommend you check out; and if you like it, go through his back catalog: each article is just as applicable today as it was when he first published it.