Introducing Instapaper Daily

From almost a week ago, midway through my Christmas vacation, Betaworks announced the latest in a slew of great improvements to the Instapaper platform: Instapaper Daily. Although I cannot say it will replace Tweetbot or Reeder as one of my primary sources for news and articles to read, I really like this as a service and as an indicator of the direction Betaworks plans on taking Instapaper.

In the past I have criticized Betaworks for both insufficient design sense in their web ventures and a lack of direction driving their product decisions. With the release of Instapaper Daily they have assuaged these misgivings, at least a little, by continuing to improve upon Instapaper’s core value proposition — improving one’s reading experience — and doing so beautifully: whereas Instapaper’s website remains an eyesore at best, Instapaper Daily presents its information in a clear, concise, and visually attractive manner.

Good for them.