John Gruber on Apple's October Event

I realize I have come late to the party, but after just two weeks that does not change the relevancy of John Gruber’s article written in the wake of Apple’s October iPad event. Many wrote about a single aspect: Marco chimed in on the presentation itself, and I devoted an entire article to the notion of an upcoming iPad Pro; others, such as Jim Dalrymple, attempted the more monumental task of tackling the entire event; still others put forth more opinion-based pieces, such as Shawn Blanc’s Best in Class, Built to Last. None, however, did such a good job as John in not only conveying his thoughts and observations regarding the event, but presenting both those ideas and Apple’s announcements in context born from years of experience in this industry.

This is why John Gruber is so famous amongst the generation of writers, and why so many respect him; this is why I read Daring Fireball, for these impressively insightful pieces that inspire me to become a better writer myself. John gives me a bar to strive for, and one that I someday hope to reach.