Mophie Announces the Space Pack: An iPhone Battery Case With Local Storage

Aside from Matt and Myke’s recent CES discussions, Mophie’s newest battery pack is by far the coolest thing I have seen come out of CES this year. When I upgrade to an iPhone 6 this fall, I plan to make this my second purchase: rather than go with the 32GB model, giving myself ample room to expand after only recently transitioning from an 8GB iPhone 4 to a 16GB 4S, buying the Space Pack I will save me $100 by allowing me to get the 16GB iPhone 6, which I can then use towards Mophie’s $150 case. Given that I would have bought a different case for somewhere in the neighborhood of $30, though, the Space Pack’s price will essentially be a wash in which I end up with a Juice Pack Air and the same storage capacity I would have otherwise.