I absolutely love podcasts. Much to my girlfriend’s confusion, I might add. After Marco Arment sold Instapaper in April, after Yahoo! bought Tumblr.1 in May, and after he sold The Magazine shortly thereafter, only in my wildest dreams did I hope his elusive next venture would lead Marco to create a podcast client. Then, last Sunday at XOXO, my dream came true.

Perhaps that’s putting it slightly melodramatically, but to say that I — and the collective internet as well — am extremely excited for Overcast would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. I can’t wait for Overcast to come out; I plan on purchasing it on day one, as I’m sure many others will as well. Despite Marco’s modest expectations for Overcast, I would be surprised if it didn’t take the podcast client market by storm: the same design sensibilities that made Instapaper and The Magazine so popular — one need only look to the announcement Marco posted for an idea as to those proven ideals — will almost undoubtedly make Overcast similarly popular and, hopefully, a smashing success.

Good luck to you, Marco; we await Overcast’s release in eager anticipation.

 I can’t help but think of Ben Brooks’ article Yahoo! + Tumblr. = !! on the topic every time I think about this acquisition.