From the Notepad: Perspective

With this post I thought I would try something different: rather than writing a full-fledged post for each of the myriad notes I have created over the past months in Simplenote, I will begin posting whatever I have collected for the potential topic as I would a linked item: with the excerpt as a blockquote along with some commentary if I deem it necessary. With that, then, the first post taken straight from my notepad, in which I attempt to frame the omniscient platform war with a bit of perspective:

“As we traverse the geek circles and move throughout our various nerd cliques, we get out of touch. My girlfriend just upgraded from an outmoded slider phone to the Samsung Galaxy I, and she loves it. She’s not complaining because it doesn’t have the App Store, she just loves it. And it doesn’t even look that bad: we get into the habit of vilifying Android and its derivatives, and in doing so get out of touch with what really matters to a good user experience with a phone versus the features only important in a pragmatic exercise.”