Pushing it Out

I often start strong: I have an idea, direction, and inspiration; I know where I want to take this brand new piece and how I will get there. If I’m lucky, that article will go live within a day or two of its inception; if not, well, that’s when I have a problem.

The last article I wrote I called “Printing Money”. I started writing that piece on December first of last year, more than five months ago. After a few days I lost interest, and it remained an unfinished blurb until last week when I stumbled across it. Last week, meaning it sat in Drafts for somewhere in the ballpark of three days to just under a week after I rediscovered it and before I put any effort into improving it, before last night when I sat down in Dunkin’ Donuts and put enough work in to the aticle to call it finished enough to publish without feeling too guilty. I did the same thing with Citational Fallacy and The Key to Education Reform, establishing an unfortunate trend. I had such high hopes and grand aspriations for those three articles at the onset, and look at them now: a shadow of what they could have been. Still good by most standards, but far inferior to the articles I could have published had I set them on the back burner and waited a while instead of forging ahead and publishing each article before it was actually ready.