Roderick on the Line

Every time I think of Roderick on the Line, I can’t help but recall the episode of Build & Analyze in which Marco Arment announced that he would soon have his first child, and detailed one of his goals regarding Adam: to teach him something just a little bit wrong, something that his son could go through most of his life believing to be true only to find out, in his early twenties, that the thing he had believed his entire life, that one fact his father had continued to push over the years, was just a little bit wrong. I found this absolutely hilarious. And for some reason, this is what comes to mind when I think of Roderick on the Line: it’s a show about the world that’s so right in so many ways, but every once in a while just a little bit off.

I strongly recommend that everyone reading this go subscribe and download every episode, then spend however long is necessary to listen to every single installment before the next is released. All kidding aside though, Roderick on the Line is one of the best podcasts I have had the privilege of listening to since my introduction to the world of internet broadcasting a few years ago, and one of my favorite podcasts ever.