Should You Write a Paid Newsletter?

Of course, I think no — but a few people think yes: investors see big money in the space, and it works out for some. I think no, though — for most aspiring writers, anyway — and this is why: as I said in Keeping Up with Current Events, a different dynamic exists in this space:

“I take great care in choosing the last piece in my current events collection strategy. Newsletters command much more time and attention than a simple website, and I do not believe in wasting either.”

If you decide to run your own website, set up a static one for free, then just start writing. This makes the barrier to new people reading your stuff low enough that they actually might — and while you find your voice and yourself in this new hobby, any audience, no matter how small, might mean the difference between giving up and sticking to it. Set yourself up for success now. Worry about monetization once you decide you like writing.