Something to it

I’ve been making a lot of posts in the last 24 hours about Cabin Porn; I’ve written a lot and linked to even more. At the risk of sounding repetitive, if I could condense all the insight I have gained over the past two days into a single paragraph, it would be the opening lines from John Coffer’s video I linked to in This Must Be the Place:

“I was living in Florida and I had a nice two-bedroom condominium, a garage, a swimming pool, some tangerine trees outside, a sports car and a Ford van. It wasn’t really very fulfilling, in the end.”

There’s something to it, this life of simplicity. Some choose to go whole-hog, to use a bad pun, as Rohan Anderson did with his hand crafted log cabin smokehouse. As an aside the video, which I linked to in passing partway through the original Cabin Porn post, can be found on the Cabin Porn tumblr page. Others choose simply to live more modestly. Regardless of the degree at which they enter into this lifestyle though, the mere fact that so many do it, to such amazing results, merits cause for pause in some level of consideration. There must be something to it, after all, something more than a cabin out in the woods — something more than meets the eye.