Matt Gemmell

I really enjoy reading Matt Gemmell’s writing. His article from quite a while ago, Writing Tools, caught my attention, and iOS 7 greatly impressed me. So, earlier this afternoon, I subscribed to his site; ironically, The Unfollower was the first article I read after doing so. Continuing the previously-established trend of excellence, this piece was no exception.

I particularly enjoyed the manner in which he handles people unfollowing him and attempting to dictate the topics he writes about. Oftentimes writers — myself included — forgo saying anything that might offend a reader; Matt Gemmell just doesn’t care:

“Here’s my position: I’m not publishing a newspaper that you’ve purchased. You walked into my house. I’m OK with you hanging around, but 100 of the rules are made by me, and 100 compliance is absolutely mandatory. You get zero say in my content. There is no Letters Page for your complaint. You can’t ask to talk to my superior, because I’m at the top of the tree - and I’m going to agree with me.”

Great article, well worth the read. More from him coming up, I’m sure.