The Art of Not Saying Anything

As I reflected upon Cabin Porn and finished The Patron Saint of Cabin Porn late last night, I thought back to something Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Mann talked about on the seventh episode of The Crossover, We Met at a Tequila Bar. It’s late and I can’t quite recall their exact words, but the gist of the discussion was that sometimes, you don’t always need to write a thousand words — or even a hundred, for that matter — about something; sometimes, a simple “Yep.” will suffice. More is not always better.

In violation of one of my personal rules, not to listen to a podcast unless I can devote my full attention to it, I was putting the finishing touches on the latest iteration of First Crack during Jim and Merlin’s discussion, so I unfortunately did not pay much attention to it at the time. As I wrote The Patron Saint of Cabin Porn in particular though, those were the only words I could hear. Sometimes it’s better to let the article you’re writing about speak for itself.