Exponent: The Garbage Truck Song

Speaking of great podcasts, Ben Thompson and James Allworth just started a new show called Exponent. In their first episode, released just a few days ago on Thursday, the pair took an interesting look at disruption theory, the innovator’s dilemma, and culture as those aspects pertain to Microsoft and Apple’s past and present situation as well influence their future directions. Rather than spending the majority of their time discussing Apple though, as many of today’s tech podcast hosts are want to do, Ben and James had one of the most level-headed, intelligent, and engaging discussions on Microsoft I have heard since the company became a headline-worthy topic once again with the elevation of Satya Nadella to CEO. Any show with this impressive roster would be worth taking note of, but these two outdid themselves here: if their future episodes are anywhere near as good as this one, Exponent is going to grow into quite the remarkable show.