The Joe Rosensteel Starter Pack

As detailed in The Curse of Preconceived Notions, before Monday night I had not read any of Joe Rosensteel’s work; instead, I had wrongly disregarded it in any capacity surpassing that of humorous entertainment. When I finally came to my senses and started reading his blog though, starting with The Ubiquitous Yak for the Discerning Obsessive, I found that I really enjoy his thoughts and opinions. So for anyone else that, like me, made a similar mistake, I thought I would compile a short list of my favorite articles from Joe, to give you somewhere to start.

  1. Terrible Podcast Screenplays. Given my need to see things through from beginning to end — I have never started a podcast from any point except episode one, and always start each new TV show with its first episode — I would be remiss if I did not point you here, where things began, at Joe Rosensteel’s claim to fame.
  2. Yet Another End of the Year. Like many of us, myself included, Joe wrote “Yet-Another-End-of-the-Year blog post” to bring in the new year where he talked about 2012 and 2013 and zeroed in on a few intensely personal aspects of his life. In particular, I found his thoughts on using a job to define oneself especially interesting and cause for a bit of retrospection.
  3. Not my Cup of Coffee. Ostensibly about coffee — because the internet really needed someone else talking about their fussy brewing methodology, Joe actually went on to talk about becoming okay with not pleasing everyone at every turn. For anyone considering writing publicly, I strongly recommend you read this first: it will save you a great deal of discomfort and indecision in the future. And for the record, I would have loved that pun.
  4. That Pointy Thing on Twitter. I always find it interesting to see how another uses the same service I do, because we almost invariably employ it for different purposes. A conversation related to this one took place just over a week ago when Clinton Phillips asked why someone would favorite and retweet the same tweet, and I responded by saying that I favorite tweets I want to earmark for later, and retweet ones I want my followers to see.

I have already subscribed to Joe’s site, and after reading these articles, you should too.