The Last App You Open Before Bed

A few days ago, MG Siegler posited that the app you open first every day signals a great deal about both the current state of apps and your present state of mind. After posting my take, I kept thinking. Eventually, I decided that even more telling than the app you launch first every day is the last app you open before bed every night.

After waking, most feel rejuvenated, full of energy, and ready to tackle the world. Or, at least, some lesser version of a single trait in that combination. Regardless of how capable you are upon waking at six, seven, or — as seems much more popular amongst writers — eleven o’clock in the morning though, we invariably feel much more able to handle problems and deal with potentially time consuming situations than when we have spent an hour winding down for bed in the evening. I open Instacast very early every morning, for example, yet the last thing I want to do as I lay in bed is commit to an hour-long — or thirty minute, for that matter — show. Instead, I open Tweetbot, then Reeder, and then perhaps Zite if I have nothing else to do. These apps reflect my interests — my present state of mind — much more accurately than those I launch to begin the day, because when I lay tired in bed, the last thing I will put up with is any level of difficulty or stress.