The magic of WWDC

As I catch up on missed articles, I came across this noteworthy one from Adam Haworth’s previously-mentioned Sansink, where he talks about fanboyism and WWDC. Worth reading, I believe, especially in the wake of Monday’s spectacular keynote address, because I think his point of view mirrors that of all but the relatively small sect who get genuinely enthused around this time each year: for most of the computer-using world, WWDC is an over-hyped and ultimately disappointing event specifically for overzealous hipsters with too much time and money on their hands. In light of the nature and magnitude of Apple’s latest announcements, however, I would be curious to know whether he — and all those who hold this and similar opinions — now feel at all different, for what we saw on that Monday afternoon truly was groundbreaking, and I firmly believe that one does not have to be an Apple fanboy — or even involved in the ecosystem, for that matter — to appreciate these impressive announcements; WWDC truly was worth the excitement. It may only be technology, but it will absolutely change the world.