The Tangents

Having emptied my Instapaper queue last night and early this morning, I went back to my old stomping ground, WordPress, in search of some interesting articles on topics outside of Apple and, possibly, technology as well. I try to do this ever so often, looking to break the Apple-centric trend so many link blogs invariably fall in to these days. Today, pursuant of that goal, I found this great piece by a high school English teacher on tangents during lectures. I must confess, I have done my fair share or rejoicing when a teacher started going down a rabbit hole. Some have been more transparent than others in allowing themselves this diversion, but I invariably felt that I and my classmates had pulled on over on her. Ha! Anyway, I really enjoyed this short article, her writing style, and her approach to a topic of great interest to me, so I went ahead and subscribed. How about you? Go spend a few minutes looking for something outside the norm. You won’t regret it, I promise.