The TSA Agents were Delightful

I just flew home after three months in Minnesota. The TSA agents at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport in Minnesota were delightful: the man at the end of the security line checking my ID and boarding pass joked with me as I went through; the agent on the other side of the body scanner couldn’t have been nicer. Then, as I was trying to find my gate on my boarding pass and undoubtedly looking quite confused, a TSA agent that happened to be walking by stopped and asked if I needed any help. She didn’t have to stop; she could have kept on walking, but she didn’t, and for that I was very grateful despite not needing her assistance.

While everyone complains about the TSA over and over again in what has become an unceasing din, I thought I would share this brief observation. Just so we can have a bit of perspective in this issue.