This Week in Podcasts

Another week has gone by, made all the better with a few great podcasts. This time around, Roderick on the Line makes another appearance, and is accompanied by a great episode of Systematic and a fantastic episode of Zac & Co. Enjoy.

Roderick on the Line Episode 127: Fermi in a Van. It’s no wonder that the only way kids learn these days — or at least, the best way kids learn these days — involves increasing levels of technological involvement. From computers to infinitely personal iPads, we have taken these tools from a way to learn better and made it the only way our kids know how. But maybe they don’t need laptops, tablets, and smartphones in middle school; maybe, the solution is to give everyone a clarinet.

Systematic Episode 117: Reluctant Selfies with Virginia Roberts. I didn’t know what to expect going in to this episode, but Brett and Virginia had some very interesting thoughts to share on dating, parenting, and discipline in particular.

Zac & Co Episode 2: The Moment He Makes The Choice. To even list the topics Ben Alexander and Zac Cichy talked about here would be to do this episode a huge disservice, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll say this: two incredibly smart people got together to talk about some really interesting things in a conversation that I found riveting.