This Week in Podcasts

Another short list for you, unfortunately; apologies. I hope that before too long, I will be able to turn out the impressive rosters of days since past and once again shine my admittedly meager spotlight on some work truly worthy of recognition. Until then, though, I have but two recommendations for you:

Five More Things Episode 08: Are you crying? Yeah, You’re Crying. Yet another great episode from a podcast I have enjoyed a great deal lately. In particular, Adam Haworth and Nathan Snelgrove had some very interesting observations as to what informs the behavior and priorities of a generation as a whole. A worthwhile listen if you have ever said “kids these days” in a non-ironic way.

Roderick on the Line Episode 114: The Gentleman’s B Party. Growing up is hard already, but there are some things, some situations, and some decisions that can make it harder for some to turn out well than others. And then once you get there, once you reach adulthood, what’s the point? What is it that you will do to further humanity and make your life meaningful? Pursue greater wealth? And if so, to what end? Or, how about becoming a super villain? As Merlin pointed out, there are a lot of crazy things you could do with an island and enough money to make sure no one ever found out about it. More seriously though, a fantastic episode; definitely tune in for this one.

Until next week, then. And hopefully next time, I will have a few more suggestions for your listening pleasure.