This Week in Podcasts

Another week, (thankfully) another set of great podcasts for your listening pleasure. Be sure to pay special attention to this series’ latest addition, and — as always — enjoy.

Five More Things Episode 17: 50 Cent is Actually Brilliant. Turns out 50 Cent actually has some great life advice — who would have guessed. Surprise aside though, he did make some very interesting suggestions that I would like to at least try implementing in my own life. We’ll see how that goes.

Thank You for Calling! Episode 10: The Key Holder. The epic conclusion to Christina Warren, Casey Liss, and Moisés Chiullan’s two-part saga on their young adulthood spent working in video game retailers. My favorite part: “If you ever come back to this store, I will rip your [expletive] head off.”

The Campfire Project Episode 16: The First Step is Raising People’s Consciousness. I generally avoid these types of shows, but this talk with Brianna Wu, Matt Duesenbury, and Chris Domico on misogyny and the current culture towards women, especially in tech, was extremely eye-opening and cause for much thought on my part. Even if you, like me, are quite frankly burned out on this and its related topics, I highly encourage you to give this episode a shot.

Unprofessional Episode 01: Amy Jane Gruber — Pack Me Some Sandwiches. I finally understand why everyone loves this show so much: it’s absolutely hilarious, and Lex Friedman and Dave Wiskus are fantastic co-hosts. For this episode, they talk with Amy Gruber about how she and John met, parenting philosophies, and airplane etiquette.

Unprofessional Episode 06: Dan Moren — Designated Bunter. Lex Friedman, Dave Wiskus, and Dan Moren were all nerds in school. Also, nicknames can be tough.

Unprofessional Episode 15: Faith Korpi — Let’s Talk About Me. Dave and Lex talk names and dispel some myths about homeschoolers with Faith Korpi. Also: traveling, college, extracurricular activities, and bucket lists.

Storming Mortal Episode 14: Star Trek was always there and print happens later with Jason Snell. Anže Tomić sat down with Jason Snell to talk about TV and the future of both journalism and print publications. Quite a few interesting observations in here.