This Week in Podcasts

I am considering using a boilerplate for the introduction to this article, and keeping the actual noteworthy content the dynamic aspect going forward. So, let’s give it a try with last week’s opening: “Another week, another set of great podcasts for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.”

Unprofessional Episode 18: Marco Arment  —  All the Flavor You Can Handle. Marco Arment joins Dave and Lex to talk dieting, fussy coffee, and one-night stands of the Linux variety.

Unprofessional Episode 19: Glenn Fleishman  —  The Opposite of Name Dropping. Dave, Lex, and Glenn Fleishman on Twitter, fame, and celebrities in an interesting conversation that prompted the question, “Why are we [writers on the internet] in this? Why do we write? To what end? And for what purpose?” A very important question that I, unfortunately, don’t yet have a great answer to.

Unprofessional Episode 21: Mike Lee  —  Motherbleeper. (Can you tell that I’m on a bit of an Unprofessional kick?) Everyone has become so ridiculously sensitive these days, taking offense at even the slightest perceived slight or deviance from the safest of paths. If you are one such person, do not listen to this show: it features a hilarious discussion with Mike Lee on making world-changing software, and offending people both intentionally and unintentionally; if there is any doubt in your mind as to whether you may find this offensive or not, I have no doubt that you will.

Unprofessional Episode 22: Serenity Caldwell  —  Who’s Your Haberdasher?. Very interesting conversation with Serenity Caldwell, Lex, and Dave about finding your passion, following it, and separating the things that you are passionate about from your hobbies.

Bionic Episode 95: Turning Sadness into Titles. To great sadness, Bionic ended last week after two years, fifty great episodes, and forty-five spectacular ones; it truly was a sad day in the podcasting world when Matt and Myke signed off for the last time. I will miss them greatly, but I wish both the best.

Exponent Episode 09: The Societal Perspective. Fascinating episode on the justifications of economic theories that at first glance — and even upon further inspection, for many — appear evil in the most basic sense of the word. And then, later, the continuation of their previous discussion on disruption: should it come from existing corporations or startups?

I would like to end with a request rather than in the usual manner I tend to finish these: if you have a particular podcast you feel ought to find its way onto this list, send it over: I would be more than happy to give it a listen; I absolutely love podcasts, and the more great shows I can find, the better. So hit me up on Twitter: if you don’t already know of me there, my username is @zacjszewczyk.