This Week in Podcasts

A remarkably short list for you this week, if it even deserves such a title as “list” with only two members. But, nevertheless, it does contain the two best podcast episodes I encountered over the last seven days. So enjoy, and maybe this weekend spend a little less time with headphones in your ears.

Roderick on the Line Episode 113: Big Comedy Rock Solo. I had almost given up on adding this episode when John and Merlin entered the second half of their ninety minute show with some fantastic observations and insights first into feminism and then, later, conspiracy theories and communism. Fascinating and although undoubtedly controversial, they made perfect sense; I absolutely agree with everything they said.

Technical Difficulties Episode 61: Taming WiFi with Bradley Chambers. Interesting and informative discussion on what I readily admit is little more than a black box to me. If you want to improve your own home’s WiFi, or just want a better understanding of the technology, you could do much worse than starting here.