This Week in Podcasts

Coming back from a week without podcasts, I have two great episodes to showcase this time around. Here’s to fantastic podcasts, then, and their continued, well-deserved success.

Pragmatic Episode 34: My Code’s Nicer than Your Code. John Chidgey has Guy English on to talk about a topic with a much longer shelf life than coding itself: conventions and best practices. Although I don’t agree with every philosophy John put forth here, I recognize that such practices are a matter of intense personal preference. Just because I believe my way to be better than his does not necessarily mean that it is.

Back to Work Episode 184: Days of Bathrooms Past. Get through what some will consider a difficult trial, and others a humorous anecdote, and Dan and Merlin have some fascinating insights to share with regards to expertise and momentum. This most definitely is what the listeners tune in for.

Until next week, when I will hopefully have had more time to catch up on all the wonderful shows I keep missing. Here’s to hoping, as well.