This Week in Podcasts

Lots of John Roderick this time around, not that that’s a bad thing, interrupted only by a fantastic episode of Exponent with Ben Thompson and James Allworth. As always, enjoy.

Exponent Episode 17: Let’s End it There. This week, Ben Thompson and James Allworth use the Apple Watch as a lens to look at the value proposition of wearable technology and the challenges this emerging segment faces. Later, they circled back around to Apple’s latest device once more with an excellent discussion regarding the “Why?” — or lack thereof — of this watch and the detrimental side effects of Apple’s apparent lack of focus and direction in its creation. I have found even less value in the Apple event post-mortems this year than usual, but this episode is fantastic.

Pragmatic Episode 36: Prevailing Wind Direction. John Chidgey has Vic Hudson on to take an interesting look at the often unconsidered challenges DIDO — that is, drive in, drive out — and FIFO — fly in, fly out — work situations pose not only to the workers themselves, but — more importantly — their families as well.

Systematic Episode 113: Roderick Part III. John Roderick returns to complete his three-part saga, this time focusing on life after his backpacking trip across Europe and his time with Harvey Danger, only to close the hour with another ten years of his life left undocumented. So, Brett invited John back for a fourth installment of “the sideline to Roderick on the Line”, and what will (unfortunately) probably be the concluding episode. Here’s to hoping Brett will find a way to get John back on many, many more times in the future.