This Week in Podcasts

At first I attributed my absence of enthusiasm in a medium that I previously enjoyed so immensely a by-product of the increased demands on my time as of late. However, upon further consideration, and after yet another week of but one entry here in a list that previously contained double-digit items, I realized the true reason behind this unfortunate change: my interests had shifted. Just as I no longer derive the same pleasure in reading about technology and writing in speculation of Apple’s next announcement, I no longer take the same pleasure in the podcasts of the same genre. Do not look at the decline of this series as a step towards its demise, then, but rather the prelude to a massive shift that — at its end — will see both this series and this website stronger than it ever was before. And so, enjoy.

Roderick on the Line Episode 125: All the Great Shows!. This week John and Merlin talk about presenting — both yourself and the actual act of conducting a presentation before large groups of people. The key takeaway, in my opinion: you can only hope to please so many people before the pursuit of that goal begins necessitating a betrayal of yourself. And at that point, what’s the point in continuing? How can you not feel satisfied with bringing joy to a small group of dedicated fans?

Until next week, then.