U.S. Emissions Have Almost No Effect on Global Temperatures

I have spent a lot of time reading about China over the last few days. This reminded me of a great chart that broke down emissions by country, to make an interesting point: for all the attention it receives in the media, emissions from the United States pale in comparison to those of developing nations in general, and China in particular. In fact, the United States’ contribution has almost no effect on global temperatures. I believe we should keep this in mind any time the subject resurfaces.

I could not find the original graphic, and I try to avoid partisan sites in favor of more reputable sources, but failed on both fronts. Still, Nicolas Loris’s take on CNS News lines up with John Hickenlooper’s assessment of the Green New Deal on The Washington Post, so I feel comfortable referencing it here. I have no interest in focusing on the Green New Deal anyway, but rather on the data opposing the notion that the United States must cut its emissions to save the world. The research does not agree.

I have more reading to post on the subject of climate change, but I will save it for another day.