walk it off brother

Rohan Anderson of Whole Larder Love, also featured in The Smokehouse, a video I discovered last week chronicling the construction of his personal smokehouse:

“Sometimes when the pressure of city living would build to boiling point, I’d pack up my car and head bush. At times there would be a sense of insecurity, even fear, of the bush. Even though I grew up there, I would still be intimated. Why? Because I’d become a synthetic human. I’d spent far too much time at a desk under dull lights staring at a computer. I’d eat in the tea room, or the cafeteria with the other robots, and I’d spend hours between 8am - 5pm working on databases and spreadsheets and numerous other useless tasks. So when it came to the breaking point, I’d pack the camping gear in the car and head bush, I ended up both intimidated and impressed by the bush, as it had become foreign to a certain extent.”