Where is the Android John Gruber?

“That is the very reason Android has no Gruber-like figure - they have no central philosophy that would allow such a figure to emerge. What would the Android Gruber write about? There are of course Android writers out there, but they mostly cover the latest greatest phone or compare feature sets. They never really put things into context with the overall philosophy of the platform like Gruber does with Apple, because there is no overall philosophy.”

An interesting article to be sure, but I can’t quite say I agree with him: I subscribe to Daring Fireball’s RSS feed because I enjoy the occasional snarky comment Gruber tacks on to his articles and because his site is a great place to discover trending topics in the Apple world. To date, I can’t say I have ever read a single one of his long-form articles, so to say that the reason I read his site is for pieces that “put things into context with the overall philosophy of the platform” couldn’t be farther from the truth: I would still subscribe to his site if he wrote about Android, so long as this Gruber-like figure did his job well and with an attitude.