The Daily Zen #8 "Winners, Losers, & High School"

“Markets can sustain more than one company or product. There doesn’t have to be an ultimate winner in everything, and most of the time the market is fragmented into various successful companies and products. You can have Android with a huge market share and still have iOS be successful and profitable; neither side has to kill the other to survive. Markets are endlessly complex things filled with shades of gray, and while it’s nice to try and fit them into set boxes, it’s fantasy, plain and simple.”

An excerpt from another installment of the Daily Zen, a series of articles Linus Edwards — who distilled a lengthy Twitter conversation into a great article titled The Hard Way just a few days ago — endeavors to post daily. I found this observation especially interesting when applied to the world of writers who publish independently on their own websites, where many possess the incorrect notion that one individual’s success must come at the expense of another’s. In both cases, this is an equally incorrect belief.