Sans the rather generic name, I really like Workflow. As an unnamed individual demos the app, he shows off impressive system integration by dragging Editorial-like pre-defined actions taking advantage of the camera, music, and AirDrop APIs into a queue and running it. Alternately, Workflow can also transform these processes into their own standalone apps. Wow. Impressive, to say the least. Even with such a basic feature set as the one on exhibit in its demo video, an app like Workflow has the potential to completely change the current state of inter-app communication, taking it from a tedious task necessitating difficult URL creation and fairly extensive knowledge of Python to a relatively easy process with a much lower barrier to entry. Unfortunately, I feel some of these abilities may fall outside the boundaries of the App Store’s rules, and thus Workflow may never graduate to a full-fledged app; however, I would love to be proven wrong.