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My name is Zachary Szewczyk. I grew up in North Carolina, Hawaii, Ohio, Minnesota, and Florida. At 13 I went to Canada, at 15 I spent three months in four south African countries, and at 20 I visisted Mongolia. I like to travel. I graduated in 2018 from Youngstown State University with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. That same day, after four years in the ROTC program, I commissioned into the United States Army's Cyber Corps as a Second Lieutenant.

I adventure as much as possible, write often, and code sometimes. I spend most of my time working as an Army Cyber Operations Officer, and finish every day with a few hours in the gym. Although my knack for leadership and my technical expertise has helped me excel in my profession, my passion lies in the great outdoors, and in the writer's craft. Someday I hope to turn those into a full-time lifestyle.

I write to clarify, condense, and communicate my thoughts on things I find interesting. For a better idea of the topics you can expect me to cover here, check out Before, Now, and in the Future. In brief, though, I write about adventuring, writing, weightlifting, leadership, and information security.

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For those of you interested in how I find things to write about, Keeping Up with Current Events and My Evening Reads contain aggressively curated lists of my favorite sources. For even more, Bookmarks lists a number of other valuable resources that did not make the cut for those articles.

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