My Evening Reads

I follow a lot of websites. In Keeping Up with Current Events, I list the handful I use to start my day. These get regular updates and help me stay up on current events. I also follow a lot of websites run by independent writers and small shops. These cover many of the same topics, but due to their size, they do not get updated as often. The unique perspective they bring to the table, though, makes for some of the most interesting reading I do. To round out my earlier post, I want to share this list with you today.

Out of the many sites on this list, I can expect to see new content on less than a quarter per day, a handful of others in a week, and the rest on an inconsistent basis. Rather than check each one, I keep up with them using their RSS feeds. In brief, think of an RSS feed as a single file containing a list of all the articles on a website. On April 9th, 2019, for example, the feed for my blog would have looked like this:

Whenever a new post goes live, that list gets updated. After posting Proxy Innovation on April 10th, my feed would have changed. Take note of the new entry at the top:

RSS readers watch RSS feeds for changes like that. On April 10th, my reader would have shown me a new article called Proxy Innovation. My app of choice, News Explorer, keeps track of feeds for over forty sites. Any time one of those lists changes, when a new post goes live, News Explorer delivers it to my phone. Just like my morning reads, most of the time this yields a handful of articles, one or two of which find their way here, and the rest of which I read for my own edification. Although drawing from many sources, their inconsistent posting schedule means I skim less than 200 titles per day. I break these sites up into groups below, in no particular order, along with a brief note on each.

News #

Although I leave most of the news to Keeping Up with Current Events or, on occasion, the websites in Bookmarks, I do keep close track of a few news-adjacent websites. FedScoop and C4ISRNet help me stay up to date with government-related news and developments in the cyber field specifically.

Adventure #

Recall that I defined “adventuring” as “the vehicles you use to get the gear you pack to the places you want to go.” To break this section up, I divided the sites here into those three categories.

The vehicles you use... # get the gear you pack... #

I like gear. I like reading about it, trying cool new things, and finding the best tools for the job. This has cost me a lot of money in the past, so I stick to reading now. These sites help me do that. Some have a narrow focus — on ultralight backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, for example; others focus on a much broader swath of the industry. These are some of the best sites for gear news on the internet. the places you want to go. #

YouTube Channels #

I also follow a few YouTube channels in the adventure space. I choose to do this through RSS as well, so that I never miss a new video. I subscribe to other channels, those that I care less about, on YouTube.


I love building things. When I faced buying a storage system for my 4Runner, I chose to build my own. I have grand plans for future projects, and these websites give me even more ideas. Even more important, though, seeing experts practice their craft teaches me to improve mine.

Finance #

I have some bold financial goals. These two sites helped inform them, and they help keep me on track, too. Sam, who writes Financial Samurai, and Dominic, who writes Gen Y Finance Guy, both come from a background in finance. Sam’s hard work and shrewd moves allowed him to achieve financial independence at a young age, and Dominic is well on his way to doing the same. I hope to follow in their footsteps.

National Security #

I struggled long and hard to find good, non-partisan writing on politics and current events, but that work paid off. These websites produce some of the best analysis in this space.

Development #

I would not call myself a good programmer. I know enough to do some damage, but the better I get, the more room for growth I see. These writers seldom talk about the basics, but rather the interesting edge cases, tricks, and lessons they have encountered or learned in their careers as developers. They teach me new things all the time, or just cover interesting tech-related topics.

Information Security #

Miscellaneous #

This last group of websites does not fit into of the genres above, but over the years I have found some great content here. I like the authors, and I like to keep up with their work.

The Full List #

Like last time, to make your life a little easier, I list every site below in order of appearance above.

I like big-name websites for keeping up on current events, but I tend to find the best content on sites like these. The advice to “follow people, not places” has served me well, and I encourage you to start doing the same.