From the Notepad

With From the Notepad: Perspective I started doing something the result of which I am very pleased with, and something I plan to continue in the future — an innovation of sorts: it’s not a post made in the traditional linkblog format, but it does draw some inspiration from it; it’s not a full-fledged article, it’s much more concise and to the point; it’s not an overly simplified, minified post condensed into a near-inscrutable tweet; it’s somewhere in between all of those, in a space I feel I can occupy very well. Rather than writing a full-fledged post for each of the myriad notes I have created over the past months in Simplenote, I will begin posting whatever I have collected for the potential topic as I would a linked item: with the excerpt as a blockquote along with some commentary if I deem it necessary. These types of post will allow me to expedite the publishing process without expending the extensive time and effort required to make a full-fledged post, thereby making it possible for me to post more frequently and in more easily digested modules.