From the author of so simple, the article I referenced in my last post, speaking to her attempt at achieving a “simpler, greener, cleaner, freer life”:

“I still feel very guilty about small habits which I can’t shake, one of which is my Nespresso coffee machine with its dependency on capsules bought in a store which makes my skin crawl with its ostentatiousness, a cathedral to consumerism. But today while stocking up my habit, I found out that I can recycle the capsules at the store and the aluminium will be melted down.”

As I looked back on this short post consisting merely of the two paragraphs above, prepared to save it for publication tomorrow morning, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it lacked something. There was, ironically, definitely something missing from this post about simplifying one’s life. And then it came to me: a few weeks ago during my cabin porn binge I posted an article called Something to it. After spending two days consuming every available resource so much as mentioning cabins or simplified living, I made an observation that maybe there was something to this simple lifestyle after all, something more than a cabin deep within the woods and a less demanding lifestyle — something more than meets the eye. This article from the anonymous writer at Living the Dream rekindled that spark, igniting the curiosity that prompted me to ask the question, “is there something more to this simplicity?”